Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Day I Have Waiting For

Finally, after waited for so long my pagerank Party have been update once again by google.

My last pagerank was 3 on September but i don't know what happen it instantly dropped to 0. And i've been thinking what happen here, is there a problem on my blog or on google pagerank calculation. It's make me mad Mad and keep wandering Wander what the hell is happening. But i let it go and hoping Hoping that one day my pagerank will rise up to the top once again.

I don't know exactly when it was updated, but today i've installed google toolbar on my firefox browser and I saw my pagerank was 2, Grateful thank you uncle google. This is been the happiest day in my life. But my seo widget from have not been updated and it's still shows that my pagerank is still 0.

And I also want to thank you Hug for all my my blog subscriber and visitor that have been loyal to visit and read my post. And I hope my post is helpful and nice to read.

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