Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finding The Right Shoes

Shoes was invented years long a go by our primitive ancestors. It was invented to protecting their feet from jagged rocks, burning sands, and rugged terrain over which they ranged in pursuit of food and shelter.

It is obvious that shoes were made for the shielding of feet but aside from their actual purpose, shoes can help to tell the story of the person who wore them. Shoes can help tell the economic and social status, values, and styles of the owner. By looking at a pair of shoes one can see that they reflect the personality of the wearer.

We always sure that all kind of clothing we use to some people was suite with their characteristics. And shoes, they thought that it was the last choice. But in fact shoes was also the most important matter in being high-fashion.

Four factors to chose a shoes was the shape, color, material, and measurement. But the most important was the shape and color, because this factor emerged from someone character and identity. The character was what type of person are you? Whereas for identity is someone inner beauty.

What is the most taboo in wearing shoes?
"Don't wore shoes that were not in accordance with your character and identity"

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