Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Unique and Creative

ChatterDo you know that the art of carving fruits and vegetables began in China do about 2000 years, for decorating plates and events? At the moment it is continued making the carving of habitual form in restaurants and great celebrations.

This is a unique and creative art, from vegetables and fruits. Not only stunning and amazing work of art Batting Eyelash, it's also a delicious to eat. After satisfied be amazed by it's beautiful art we can also fill our stomach if we're hungry Big Grin.

Here's a few cute example.

An orange family gathering for chat

The greenish gold fish or i should call it the green fish Big Grin

A sweet potato hamster

The dark green frog

A lost duck separate from it's friends

This remind me of Shaun The Sheep

A papaya pig

The penguin greet their friend

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