Friday, April 24, 2009

25 World Fashion City

All this time fashion city always dominated by this five city, that is New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, and London. In this city it was always a routine for a week mode, at least twice a year. There always a new things to offer, like the designers innovation and creativity that always advanced.

Beside that five major city, now Sydney and Dubai raise up to the surface as the next fashion city, according to the most famous fashion city surveys, an annual survey by Global Language Monitor, a franchise group that researching a words People Talk used frequency in a media, internet, and blog.

According to the Surveyor survey, New York still leading as the fashion city in the world, followed with Rome, Paris, and Milan that in this year surpass London. The interesting part, fashion interest also starting to raise up in a world biggest cities, like Sidney, that comes in the 12th position than last year in 7th, and Dubai that jump 12 position.

Among the newest fashion city, emerged New Delhi in the 24th position and Madrid in 15th. Stockholm city, the Swedish Capital, also include as a newcomer in the 25 most fashionable city list. Likewise with Cape Town in South Africa.

From the Asian Continent, Japan that was known as the capital of Asian fashion industry was in the 10th position, fell from the 6th last year. Hong Kong was predicted, in the near future will overtake Japan.

Along was the list of 25 fashion cities, the figure in the right was the last year position.
  • New York (1)
  • Rome (2)
  • Paris (3)
  • Milan (5)
  • London (4)
  • Los Angeles (6)
  • Sydney (12)
  • Las Vegas (9)
  • Berlin (11)
  • Tokyo (6)
  • Hongkong (8)
  • Dubai (24)
  • Shanghai (14)
  • Singapure (10)
  • Madrid (New)
  • Moscow (16)
  • Santiago (19)
  • Melbourne (15)
  • Stockholm (New)
  • Buenos Aires (22)
  • Johannesburg (23)
  • Mumbai (18)
  • Cape Town (New)
  • New Delhi (New)
  • Barcelona (13)
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