Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheap Holiday in London

For you who have never been to London and will be on vacation to one of the oldest cities in the world, you may need to follow a few instructions because the cost of living in London was regarded high, and even classified most expensive in the world. Various hotels are available in a variety of rates in London. No need to book a luxurious hotel if you only want to have a vacation, if you look carefully you even can find cheap hotels in London. Self allocates cost around 50 - 70 Pounds, you could have a comfortable and safe hotel room and adequate hotel facilities, such as free breakfast buffet. However, if you want to stay at the hotel which is located at the heart of London, it's good when you book far day.

Cab maybe an options that may be less appropriate if you want to enjoy the city of London. Beside its high rate, a cab driver usually run the vehicle quickly. However, if you in a hurry and want to take a cab, you should find a licensed cab, which is usually use a car with a Morris-Austin brands with a classic chassis design.

If a tickets for the Hop On Hop Off tour bus ride also feels expensive, is not to hinder your intention to enjoy the city of London. Only with a map (usually hotel in London provides a map), you can ride public buses around the city of London.

But for the tourist with a thin pocket city bus ticket classified as expensive, with a price of 1 Pounds. Imagine how much money would waste if you often lost or could not find the destination. So be better to buy a ticket with a wholesale price, for one day (2 Pounds) or one week (8 Pounds).

Wholesale tickets can be purchased in subway station and in a number of bus stop and shop. If you lost, do not need to spend more money to ride another bus route. Simply show the ticket to the driver and don't hesitate to ask the bus route to the desired place.

If you visit London don't forget to visit Blackpool with its Blackpool accommodation. Blackpool has been the UK's leisure capital since the mid-19th century, its located on England's Northwest coast.

The cheapest and sometimes fastest way to Blackpool from London is to take the National Express coach from Victoria Coach Station. Usually one change at the most at either Manchester or Liverpool, very cheap on weekdays. check fares and times at the NATIONAL EXPRESS website and remember to tick on "coaches".

If you should actually want to self drive, Blackpool to London is easy. Take M10 from London change to the M1 near Luton airport follow until the M6 interchange at Crick drive some 200 miles up the M6 to just past Preston and turn onto the interchange of the M55 which will take you into Blackpool.

By Train it's from Euston, change at Preston for the Branch line to Blackpool North for the main centre of Blackpool.

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