Monday, April 27, 2009

Table Lamps as Task Lighting

General lighting is a lighting that commonly used to illuminate a room. However, the light from lamps, which usually is placed in the ceiling, often can not illuminate the object or the particular focus. For that is needed task lighting.

Task lighting works to illuminate certain areas that do not get enough light. For example, in the reading room, task lighting works to illuminate reading area. To fulfill this function of task lighting, you can use a table lamps or a desk lamps.

Table lamp is usually placed as decorative elements or accessories. But more than that, the table lamp can also function as a task light. For example, in the bedroom. In addition to the bed, usually placed a pair of table lamps with a unique and beautiful design, as a sweetener.

In addition as a room sweetener, lamp also can provide additional light. Many people, probably including you, glad to read before sleep. And this table lamp in the room could provide enough light for this one activity.

So that the lamp in the room can function optimally, you need to pay attention to placement. Set the position of the table lamp so that the bottom of the lampshade can align with the eyes. So that the light fall direction exactly on the book or magazine you read. So, not only as an accessories, your table lamp can become more functional.

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Great blog, you can find some more contemporary table lamps here.

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