Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Satellite TV Works

When satellite TV was first introduced in early 1990's, it requires a very large satellite, 2 to 5 meters diameter. At this time to enjoy satellite TV we only use of 1 meter dish diameter.

At this time, we can saw satellite TV dish in the roof of the house all over the United States. If we travel to rural areas that have not yet reached by cable TV company, we will find Direct TV satellite in almost every home. Most companies offer satellite TV program from movies, sporting events, and up to date news from all over the world with a promise of better picture quality and sound. And of course you can have a Discount DirecTV that offered by some satellite TV companies.

Satellite TV has many solutions to the problems associated with cable TV and broadcast TV without a subscription. Although this technology is still developing, satellite TV has become a popular choice for many TV viewers. In this article, we will find out how satellite TV works, from the TV station, to the customer.

Problems with TV Broadcast
Conceptually, satellite TV has many similarities with broadcast TV without a subscription. Both are without a system that delivers cable TV programs directly to the viewers TV at home. TV station without subscription and satellite TV broadcast their program with satellite radio signals. Broadcasting station using an antenna to radiate radio waves to the surrounding area. TV viewers can capture signals with a small antenna. Limited main broadcast TV without subscription is range. Radio signals from the antenna radiate in straight line. So in the reception signal, we have to put an antenna in a straight line. Small obstacles such as trees or buildings do not interfere, but big obstacles, such as Earth, will reflect these radio waves. If the Earth really flat, we can capture hundreds of kilometer TV broadcast source. But because the planet is not flat, the signal lines can not fully accepted by the TV antenna.

Satelitte TV Solutions
Satellite TV coverage the issue and the interference signals from satellites that orbit the earth. Satellite TV system emit and receive radio signals using an antenna which is called satellite dish.

TV satellite occupies a place in the sky relative to the earth which is called geosynchronouss orbit. Each satellite is launched to the sky at speeds of around 700mph (11,000 kph), reaching approximately 22,200 miles (35,700 km) above the surface of the earth. At the time of the speed and altitude, the satellite will revolve circumnavigate the planet once every 24 hours, the same period required by the earth for one full rotation. In other words, the satellites remain engaged with the planetary movements. So, we only refer once the satellite dish, without adjustments, if everything is working well.

Finding The Right Service
But to find the right direct satellite TV service is hard and same time is so easy. Easy because there is so many website that offer their product for direct TV with competitive price and deals. But it's so hard to find the best service. Such as a Customer Service with the ability to help customers that are still common with their product or a quick service in case of damage to the receiver that we used.

So we must act wisely to find the best satellite TV service with a DirecTV Specials packages.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unique Building

The Wilson Hall

This somewhat modernize building was actually built between 1971 and 1974. It's unique design gives the Wilson Hall a great sense of structure, and a prominent landmark for the skyline. The building provides big laboratories, offices, and supports space for over 1500 scientists. And it houses all kinds of strange experiments.

Upside Downer

Take a journey into the unknown with a building called Wonder Works. It's central Florida's only upside down attraction. And an amusement park for your mind, and your stoner friends. This odd building has over 100 wacky interactive exhibits for your entire family to experience. But make sure you free your weed before coming.

Triangle Building

We wonder what type of work goes on inside this kind of a building. The unofficial Triangle Building is just a wonder to look at and to ponder over. But, can this be one of the evil headquarters for Scientology or Starbucks? Does this building have triangle bathrooms? There's so many damn questions!

Hotel Sofitel

This hotel's unique design was directly inspired by the traditional temples in Japan. The Tokyo Sofitel has over 72 rooms, and 11 suites with 3 non-smoking floors. And 5 meeting rooms that includes high-tech boardrooms. Please realize that you have to sell your soul in order to step foot inside this amazing hotel.

Robot Building

The Bank of Asia is a very famous building in Bangkok. It was made way back in 1985, and it's robotic appearance is just a symbol of the modernization of banking. It also has the ability to transform into a mega-robot. So, if Godzilla ever decided to show his green face in the land of Bangkok, they would have to fight!

Ripley's Building

If you saw this picture for the first time, you'd probably thought that it was hit by a massive earthquake. But it wasn't. In true fashion of the Ripley Legacy, it was built to reflect the odd 1812 earthquake that measured 8.0 on the rick. The building has now become one of the most photographed in the world because of it.

Fuji Sankei Building in Tokyo

Dancing House

Here's a building that should really get your attention when walking pass it. The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague. The DH was actually designed by a great architect from California, which only proves that he had done some type of hallucinogen while designing it.

Crooked House

You know that your looking at a real building right? The Crooked House was built in 2004 as an addition at a popular shopping center, and is a major tourist attraction in Sopot, Poland. We just wonder what happens when someone who's under a controlled substance sees this building for the first time in their life.

The Astra Haus

The strange building is actually a brewery in Hamburg, Germany. The floors can move up or down on it's skinny column core. As of now, the unique building has been destroyed. One of it's more famous beer brands was recently bought by a big refreshment corporation. And that beer brand was called Astra

135 Degree Angle

This bizarre house really doesn't have an official name, but it does have a 135 degree angle. So that's what we're going to call it. Unfortunately, the only info we have about this house is that it was built in China or Japan. And that it has a silly pink roof. And if you look real close, you'll notice that it's on a 135 degree damn angle.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Strawberry For Your Health

It have a unique shapes, and almost looks like a heart. The fruit color was a seductive cooked red. And its taste, extraordinary sweet and fresh, if you are lucky to get a high quality product. Is it because of that strawberry called the fruit of love?

Apparently not. In the ancient Greek era, this one fruit is appointed as the official symbol of the Love Goddess because of its inside and out. The beauty of love is symbolized by the color, taste and its usefulness. Since that it was become famous.

Strawberry is a fruit plant just like a herb that has an average of 200 seeds per one small fruit. There's 700-type of strawberry. One of it named Fragaria chiloensis L. This one type spread to the various countries like America, Europe and Asia. The other, namely F. vesca L. This one is more wide spread to many country.

Red color of the ripe strawberry is very grounded. The red color because this fruit is rich of antocianine pigment color and contain a high antioxidants. Hear the word "antioxidants", you certainly already know that it have a much benefit. Strawberry store an extraordinary nutrition. Beside antioxidants, it also rich in fiber, low calories and contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, and ellagic acid.

Want to know strawberry benefit?
  • Strawberry can decrease cholesterole.
  • Strawberry can help kill cancer because its contain active ellagic acid.
  • Stroke symptoms can be muted.
  • Contain anti-allergy substances and anti-inflammation.
  • Seven antioxidants concentration in strawberry more higher than other fruits or vegetables, so strawberry is an effective process to prevent oxidation in the body.
  • Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for children growth.
  • Strawberry, which only contain a little sugar is suitable for diet and also diabetic.
  • If eaten regularly can refine your skin and make your skin color look brighter and cleaner.
  • Strawberry can whiten and clean the tooth surface.
  • Strawberry effective against rheumatism and sore joints.
  • Strawberry leaves also have a nutritious because has an Astringent substance. Three to four cups of water stew strawberry leaves per day, can effectively stop diarrhea.
  • Needs of vitamin C per day for adults by consuming 8 strawberry fruit (98 mg). Fiber can also be fulfilled at once.
There's more other benefit on this fruit. For health, be better to eat strawberry when it's in fresh condition, either whole or for juice.

Be careful to store this fruit, because decay strawberry can spread very quickly to the other strawberry stored together. Strawberry can hold 4 hours in the refrigerator. However, in the freezer, the fruit can survive for 1 month storage with the correct way. Set the strawberry separately, and freeze. Once frozen, pur it with water and insert into a plastic, and freeze again. This storage method suitable for making juice.

With so many benefit of strawberry, this fruit really match to be called "the fruit of love." A fruit which can be a gift of love from you to your own body's health.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loving The Unperfect With a Perfect Way

When we are in place at the right time, that is an opportunity. When we meet someone who makes you interested, that is not a choice, that's opportunity. Meet in an event is not a choice, it was also an opportunity. If we decide to love a person, even with all their lack, that is not a chance, it is a choice.

When we choose to be together with someone even though whatever happens, it is a choice.

Even when we realize that many other people is more beautiful, more clever, more rich than our couple and still choose to love them, that is a choice.

Feelings of love, sympathetic, interested, come on like an opportunity to us. But a lifelong true love is a choice. An options that we do.

Talking about a soul mate, there is a quote from a movie that may be appropriate:

Fate brought us together, but it still depends on how we make it all work. Soul mate can really exist. And even someone there might be. That just made for you. But it still comes to you, to make a choice whether you want to do something to get it, or not ...

We may chance to meet our soul mate, but to love and still lives with our couple, is a choice that we must do.

We live in this world not to find someone that perfect to love but to learn to love people that are not perfect with a perfect way.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golden Facial

Wrinkle on the face can be overcome with golden facial. This treatment will restore the elasticity of your skin so you will looks ageless.

Golden facial treatment is to optimize the elasticity of the skin on the external and internal that using energy compound from 24 carat gold powder. In addition to gold dust, in the facial gel there's also collagen, centella asiatica, and chamomile essence.

Golden facial function is to repair damaged cells and activate the core cells so the skin look more taut and ageless.

Gold in golden facial can open your aura and regenerate your skin where the top skin of the face will absorb it.

After treatment, the skin feels cool and relax. Not only felt at the surface of the skin, but also from the inner skin.

However, this treatment is not recommended for oily skin. Because you can get more acne. Golden facial is also not recommended for the age in which oil and water contents in the skin much.

If you want to do this treatment, you should refrain from using other skin beauty products which is used fourteen days before the treatment. The goal is to weaken the skin musculature.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink Your Style

Pink is a color that associated with women or feminine. Although the pink color appears neutral to make up and clothes, but there are some things that ought to be concerned when deciding to use the nuances pink clothing that does not look excessive. Clothing and accessories selection also should be adjusted with the occasion.

For summer, pink is a match. The bright and natural pink color will make you look fresh and attractive. In addition, because pink is a natural color, its suitable to use for any type of skin color.

However, if you use it too excessive, it will not be seen well. Therefore, what must be considered when using pink clothing?

  • Do not use pink with pastel colors, such as light blue or baby blue at the same time. The impression is coltish.
  • For a bright pink and bold pink, do not combined it with black or dark color.
  • Use white, light beige or Khaki to integrate with light pink to look stylish.
  • You can also integrate with basic color such as white soft, beige, light brown, Khaki and denim.
  • For a pink that is not too light and not too soft (middle), is suitable if combined with white.
  • For the soft pink color can be combined with beige or Khaki. Can also be integrated with soft pink cheek color.
  • Light pink and can be combined with the green grass that will show the effect of fresh and bold.
You can also try and explore pink with other colors. Even its is also suitable when used with jeans.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Power Of Listening

Everyone want to be Listen heard, no one who want to be ignored. But the problem we as humans tend to focus on ourselves and not likely to feel other people feelings. And from there, the problems start to appear. A child that can't get along with their parents. An employee with his Manager. And us with our lovers or couples.

But what if we are willing to listen other people feelings, both through its words and behavior? We will soon realize what the actual problems and more understand the root that causes it and the solutions.

Then how do I sharpened the skill to listen? First we need to learn to listen to ourselves, our own feelings and our own conscience. Believe it or not, we seldom hear the words and feelings of our own hearts. Almost everyone Not Listen ignores the deepest feelings and a gentle sound in their heart. And from there begin to rise an inner conflict and unhappiness on ourselves.

Because since child we are trained to use analysis and Logic logic, which tends to ignore the feelings factors in a decision. We need to break this habit to be balance. For example, in order to have more benefit, the manager think hard with his logic to add the employees working hours and drain their energy as much as they can, he thinks the company will be more productive. Although actually in his deepest Heart heart against that decisions, he ignore it. His conscience realize that's not true, and also will not be effective in the end. The more time it was done, the inner conflict will become stronger. And the conflict emerges as depression and illness.

Focusing on our self and rely on logic, we tend to be Selfish selfish and ignore others. By using the voice and feelings of our hearts, we tend to see other people is also within us. We feel what they feel. As natural listening of other people feelings through speech and behavior. We will better understand them. And we will realize that the relationship between humans is actually the relationship of the heart to heart.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't Lower Yourself

A person with a low self-esteem, does not mean you can not become a self-esteem person, that is a personality type of confident, warm, optimistic. Of course you can with a strong desire, to open yourself in the community, read a lot to widen your knowledge. In addition, try the following tips and tricks:
  • Face your fear. All things that are not we know it makes us afraid and feel inferior. But trust me, fear is only there in our thoughts and reflection. Basically, will not as bad as we think.
  • Don't drown in your failure. Before reach success must have through a failure. Failure of the past, therefore don't drown in your failure, but avoid making the same mistake, then you will become wiser and stronger.
  • Know what you want. Whatever you want you must clearly know. So its clear how well the efforts that you can do to reach it. Knowledge about what you want to achieve, to make you believe more that it can be achieved.
  • Appreciate your self if you reach success. Many people forget to appreciate their self, because of feel inferior, or because not grateful, both leave a negative aura on yourself. Appreciate what you have achieve will make other people appreciate it too, and you certainly more motivated to reach what was better.
  • Speak, do not assumes. We often make an assumption that a person or situation is really bad. The wrong assumption will make you fell. To speak and get the answers will make you calm.
  • Failure? The most important do not feel lose. Failure is normal. The most important is how we do not feel defeated, but just learn to reverse the situation. So do not want defeated by a failure.
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