Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't Lower Yourself

A person with a low self-esteem, does not mean you can not become a self-esteem person, that is a personality type of confident, warm, optimistic. Of course you can with a strong desire, to open yourself in the community, read a lot to widen your knowledge. In addition, try the following tips and tricks:
  • Face your fear. All things that are not we know it makes us afraid and feel inferior. But trust me, fear is only there in our thoughts and reflection. Basically, will not as bad as we think.
  • Don't drown in your failure. Before reach success must have through a failure. Failure of the past, therefore don't drown in your failure, but avoid making the same mistake, then you will become wiser and stronger.
  • Know what you want. Whatever you want you must clearly know. So its clear how well the efforts that you can do to reach it. Knowledge about what you want to achieve, to make you believe more that it can be achieved.
  • Appreciate your self if you reach success. Many people forget to appreciate their self, because of feel inferior, or because not grateful, both leave a negative aura on yourself. Appreciate what you have achieve will make other people appreciate it too, and you certainly more motivated to reach what was better.
  • Speak, do not assumes. We often make an assumption that a person or situation is really bad. The wrong assumption will make you fell. To speak and get the answers will make you calm.
  • Failure? The most important do not feel lose. Failure is normal. The most important is how we do not feel defeated, but just learn to reverse the situation. So do not want defeated by a failure.
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