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How Satellite TV Works

When satellite TV was first introduced in early 1990's, it requires a very large satellite, 2 to 5 meters diameter. At this time to enjoy satellite TV we only use of 1 meter dish diameter.

At this time, we can saw satellite TV dish in the roof of the house all over the United States. If we travel to rural areas that have not yet reached by cable TV company, we will find Direct TV satellite in almost every home. Most companies offer satellite TV program from movies, sporting events, and up to date news from all over the world with a promise of better picture quality and sound. And of course you can have a Discount DirecTV that offered by some satellite TV companies.

Satellite TV has many solutions to the problems associated with cable TV and broadcast TV without a subscription. Although this technology is still developing, satellite TV has become a popular choice for many TV viewers. In this article, we will find out how satellite TV works, from the TV station, to the customer.

Problems with TV Broadcast
Conceptually, satellite TV has many similarities with broadcast TV without a subscription. Both are without a system that delivers cable TV programs directly to the viewers TV at home. TV station without subscription and satellite TV broadcast their program with satellite radio signals. Broadcasting station using an antenna to radiate radio waves to the surrounding area. TV viewers can capture signals with a small antenna. Limited main broadcast TV without subscription is range. Radio signals from the antenna radiate in straight line. So in the reception signal, we have to put an antenna in a straight line. Small obstacles such as trees or buildings do not interfere, but big obstacles, such as Earth, will reflect these radio waves. If the Earth really flat, we can capture hundreds of kilometer TV broadcast source. But because the planet is not flat, the signal lines can not fully accepted by the TV antenna.

Satelitte TV Solutions
Satellite TV coverage the issue and the interference signals from satellites that orbit the earth. Satellite TV system emit and receive radio signals using an antenna which is called satellite dish.

TV satellite occupies a place in the sky relative to the earth which is called geosynchronouss orbit. Each satellite is launched to the sky at speeds of around 700mph (11,000 kph), reaching approximately 22,200 miles (35,700 km) above the surface of the earth. At the time of the speed and altitude, the satellite will revolve circumnavigate the planet once every 24 hours, the same period required by the earth for one full rotation. In other words, the satellites remain engaged with the planetary movements. So, we only refer once the satellite dish, without adjustments, if everything is working well.

Finding The Right Service
But to find the right direct satellite TV service is hard and same time is so easy. Easy because there is so many website that offer their product for direct TV with competitive price and deals. But it's so hard to find the best service. Such as a Customer Service with the ability to help customers that are still common with their product or a quick service in case of damage to the receiver that we used.

So we must act wisely to find the best satellite TV service with a DirecTV Specials packages.

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