Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loving The Unperfect With a Perfect Way

When we are in place at the right time, that is an opportunity. When we meet someone who makes you interested, that is not a choice, that's opportunity. Meet in an event is not a choice, it was also an opportunity. If we decide to love a person, even with all their lack, that is not a chance, it is a choice.

When we choose to be together with someone even though whatever happens, it is a choice.

Even when we realize that many other people is more beautiful, more clever, more rich than our couple and still choose to love them, that is a choice.

Feelings of love, sympathetic, interested, come on like an opportunity to us. But a lifelong true love is a choice. An options that we do.

Talking about a soul mate, there is a quote from a movie that may be appropriate:

Fate brought us together, but it still depends on how we make it all work. Soul mate can really exist. And even someone there might be. That just made for you. But it still comes to you, to make a choice whether you want to do something to get it, or not ...

We may chance to meet our soul mate, but to love and still lives with our couple, is a choice that we must do.

We live in this world not to find someone that perfect to love but to learn to love people that are not perfect with a perfect way.

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