Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink Your Style

Pink is a color that associated with women or feminine. Although the pink color appears neutral to make up and clothes, but there are some things that ought to be concerned when deciding to use the nuances pink clothing that does not look excessive. Clothing and accessories selection also should be adjusted with the occasion.

For summer, pink is a match. The bright and natural pink color will make you look fresh and attractive. In addition, because pink is a natural color, its suitable to use for any type of skin color.

However, if you use it too excessive, it will not be seen well. Therefore, what must be considered when using pink clothing?

  • Do not use pink with pastel colors, such as light blue or baby blue at the same time. The impression is coltish.
  • For a bright pink and bold pink, do not combined it with black or dark color.
  • Use white, light beige or Khaki to integrate with light pink to look stylish.
  • You can also integrate with basic color such as white soft, beige, light brown, Khaki and denim.
  • For a pink that is not too light and not too soft (middle), is suitable if combined with white.
  • For the soft pink color can be combined with beige or Khaki. Can also be integrated with soft pink cheek color.
  • Light pink and can be combined with the green grass that will show the effect of fresh and bold.
You can also try and explore pink with other colors. Even its is also suitable when used with jeans.

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