Monday, May 4, 2009

The Power Of Listening

Everyone want to be Listen heard, no one who want to be ignored. But the problem we as humans tend to focus on ourselves and not likely to feel other people feelings. And from there, the problems start to appear. A child that can't get along with their parents. An employee with his Manager. And us with our lovers or couples.

But what if we are willing to listen other people feelings, both through its words and behavior? We will soon realize what the actual problems and more understand the root that causes it and the solutions.

Then how do I sharpened the skill to listen? First we need to learn to listen to ourselves, our own feelings and our own conscience. Believe it or not, we seldom hear the words and feelings of our own hearts. Almost everyone Not Listen ignores the deepest feelings and a gentle sound in their heart. And from there begin to rise an inner conflict and unhappiness on ourselves.

Because since child we are trained to use analysis and Logic logic, which tends to ignore the feelings factors in a decision. We need to break this habit to be balance. For example, in order to have more benefit, the manager think hard with his logic to add the employees working hours and drain their energy as much as they can, he thinks the company will be more productive. Although actually in his deepest Heart heart against that decisions, he ignore it. His conscience realize that's not true, and also will not be effective in the end. The more time it was done, the inner conflict will become stronger. And the conflict emerges as depression and illness.

Focusing on our self and rely on logic, we tend to be Selfish selfish and ignore others. By using the voice and feelings of our hearts, we tend to see other people is also within us. We feel what they feel. As natural listening of other people feelings through speech and behavior. We will better understand them. And we will realize that the relationship between humans is actually the relationship of the heart to heart.

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