Monday, May 18, 2009

Strawberry For Your Health

It have a unique shapes, and almost looks like a heart. The fruit color was a seductive cooked red. And its taste, extraordinary sweet and fresh, if you are lucky to get a high quality product. Is it because of that strawberry called the fruit of love?

Apparently not. In the ancient Greek era, this one fruit is appointed as the official symbol of the Love Goddess because of its inside and out. The beauty of love is symbolized by the color, taste and its usefulness. Since that it was become famous.

Strawberry is a fruit plant just like a herb that has an average of 200 seeds per one small fruit. There's 700-type of strawberry. One of it named Fragaria chiloensis L. This one type spread to the various countries like America, Europe and Asia. The other, namely F. vesca L. This one is more wide spread to many country.

Red color of the ripe strawberry is very grounded. The red color because this fruit is rich of antocianine pigment color and contain a high antioxidants. Hear the word "antioxidants", you certainly already know that it have a much benefit. Strawberry store an extraordinary nutrition. Beside antioxidants, it also rich in fiber, low calories and contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, and ellagic acid.

Want to know strawberry benefit?
  • Strawberry can decrease cholesterole.
  • Strawberry can help kill cancer because its contain active ellagic acid.
  • Stroke symptoms can be muted.
  • Contain anti-allergy substances and anti-inflammation.
  • Seven antioxidants concentration in strawberry more higher than other fruits or vegetables, so strawberry is an effective process to prevent oxidation in the body.
  • Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for children growth.
  • Strawberry, which only contain a little sugar is suitable for diet and also diabetic.
  • If eaten regularly can refine your skin and make your skin color look brighter and cleaner.
  • Strawberry can whiten and clean the tooth surface.
  • Strawberry effective against rheumatism and sore joints.
  • Strawberry leaves also have a nutritious because has an Astringent substance. Three to four cups of water stew strawberry leaves per day, can effectively stop diarrhea.
  • Needs of vitamin C per day for adults by consuming 8 strawberry fruit (98 mg). Fiber can also be fulfilled at once.
There's more other benefit on this fruit. For health, be better to eat strawberry when it's in fresh condition, either whole or for juice.

Be careful to store this fruit, because decay strawberry can spread very quickly to the other strawberry stored together. Strawberry can hold 4 hours in the refrigerator. However, in the freezer, the fruit can survive for 1 month storage with the correct way. Set the strawberry separately, and freeze. Once frozen, pur it with water and insert into a plastic, and freeze again. This storage method suitable for making juice.

With so many benefit of strawberry, this fruit really match to be called "the fruit of love." A fruit which can be a gift of love from you to your own body's health.

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