Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Secret of Happiness

The secret of happiness is to focus on the goodness in other people. Because life is like a painting. To see the beauty of the painting is best to look it under a rays of light, not in a closed and dark room.

The secret of happiness is not to avoid difficulty. Climb the hill, not slide down, and your feet will grow stronger.

The secret of happiness is doing things for other people. Unflowing water will not grow. However, the water that flows freely is always fresh and clear.

The secret of happiness is to learn from other people, and not try to teach them. The more you show how much you know, the more people will try to find deficiencies in your knowledge. Why duck called "stupid"? Because it's too many quack.

The secret of happiness is kindness, see other people as a member of your family. Because each creation is yours. We are all is the one God's creation.

The secret of happiness is laughing with other people, as friends, and not ridicule them, as a judge.

The secret of happiness is not arrogant. When you consider they are important, you'll have friends wherever you go. Remember that the biggest skunks will be the most stinky.

Happiness comes to those who give love freely, which does not ask other people to love them first. Be generous just like the sun that shine without first asking whether people should receive its warmth.

Happiness means to receive any that came, and always say to yourself "I am free in myself."

Happiness means making other people happy. A meadow full of flowers need trees surround it, not a concrete buildings that are rigid. Surround your meadow of life with happiness.

The secret of happiness is to keep your heart open to others, and share life experiences. Heart is like a house door. Sun light can only enter when the door is wide open.

The secret of happiness is to understand that friendship is far more valuable than goods, is worth more than take your own affairs.

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John Coktostin said...

That's a really amazing article makes you think on how you can change your life. So you can make yourself and those around you happy.

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