Monday, June 15, 2009

Rain Water Harvesting Strategy

The crisis of water and floods, has become a phenomenon found in many countries. Global warming to be the main source.

We need to seriously consider this case, considering flood and water crisis factors not only because of global warming. Weak of crisis management and low awareness of the environment add severe the situation.

In front of us, water crisis began to haunt the community in various areas. This is where the importance of rain harvesting. The terms of rain harvesting was originally from the agricultural sector. The concept is applied to meet the needs of agricultural irrigation.

Currently, an efforts to harvest rain water become an important part in global environmental water resources management agenda, in order of water imbalance in the rainy season and dry season, lack of clean water supply for the population of the world, flood and drought.

In developed countries, current trends appear to create a pond or using a rain barrels to stock rain for household. The rain stock is used for moping, wash the car, sprinkle the plant, and toilet flush. There is also equipped with drinking water processing equipment, so that all rain water can be used as drinking water.

If you use a rain water barrel at each downspout, you can quickly start to collect enough to keep your flower beds, garden or houseplants well watered.

The applications example in harvesting rain water can be seen at Frankfurt Airport, Germany. The water needs for the airport is from the rain water collected from the roof of the airport. There are several methods to managing water from rain water harvesting, either directly be used for the clean water needs for the households, or harvesting rain water to fill the ground water.

Harvesting rain water is an effort to manage(to collect and save) rain water to meet water needs for present and the future. Water is used for household needs, agriculture, and ground water fill.

Ground water should be filled with the natural process. But along with the excessive use, current ground water height decrease in the average of four meters. This phenomenon is mainly due to an increase in the use of permanent ground water for irrigation.

There are many rain barrel for sale and rain barrel suppliers on the internet. But when choosing a rain barrel, please consider recycled rain barrels from a regional supplier.

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