Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Securing Your Home

There are 3 disaster at home that we can avoid, that is theft, fire and hostages.

An easy way is to install security system and fire alarm.

There are other ways, that is to hire a security guard that require a high cost.

Alarm system is quite good. However, obstacles appear in the monitoring system.

What if in a holiday, there is no one at home or if any, are asleep or being hostage by some psycho or have a physical limitations (tired, disability, still a baby, elderly, etc)

Therefore, when possible, use a company that provides integrated security system. Like ADT.

Tips for securing your home :
  • Install an alarm security system sticker in the most place that usually people through. For example, in front of the fence or gate.
  • Installing an alarm and monitor it. This is important to prevent criminal action. Monitoring is done at random and routine to ensure the alarm works.
  • Additionally you can install a CCTV camera monitors that have the same function like the home security system stickers, to make the criminal think again to enter your home.
  • What if the thief is desperate to enter the house? You can hit the "panic button" that will invite police officers to your home.

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