Sunday, September 6, 2009

Which Game Console Have More Trouble?

Not all technology hardware we have safe from damages. And for video game console what is most the vulnerable and frequently reported damaged?

A study from SquareTrade will answer this question. According to the study, Microsoft's console, namely the Xbox360 is the champion for system failure that most often occur.

From the study revealed, as many as 1 of 4 units of the Xbox360 have been reported for system failure in the first 2 years.

Failure rate experienced by Xbox360 even many times higher than similar consoles. 8 times more than Nintendo Wii and 2 times compared to Sony PlayStation 3. Most of the damage to PS3 and Xbox360 is the ability to read the disc (disc read errors) and output issues. As for Nintendo Wii was power and remote control problem.

The biggest failure reported occurred in Xbox360 is the E74 error which is marked with a red circle on it console. Red circle is often referred to as the "red ring of death". Damage resulting to this red circle was console locked and "E74" error message.

Now, which console do you have in your home?

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