Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dare To Live, Not Fear Death

"I chose to die with a meaning, rather than to live without a meaning" (Corazon Aquino)

Dare To Live
Through this life, surely we met with the intricacies of life issues. Whether in the form of pleasure, success, happiness, even difficulties, problems and misery. How do we deal with all of this?

Dare to live! At least that's what we have to pledged in our heart. With the pledge, our adrenaline going to continue to fight. And we hope, the adrenaline racing is not just for a few moments, but continued to be consistent to take us to the peak of success.

"Dare to live!", is a hard workers principle who will not lost only by a failure, even how big it is. They believe in what is said by Confucius that a success man is not a man who never felt a failure. But successful people are those who can rise from the failures that they have been experienced. They believe that there is no tough sailor who were born in a calm water.

"Dare to live!" that is to become a learners. A man who took wisdom of each event. They are able to achieve the levels of wisdom, which seized the opportunity. They believe what triggered by the great scientist Albert Einstein, "In difficulty there must be a hidden opportunity."

Not Fear Death
Yes, they are not afraid to die. Every second of their lives have been content with a useful works, either to himself or to others. They also have prepared to meet the Lord with their works that make them happy. So they are not in vain have been created as the best human being.

Yes, they are not afraid to die. Even the people who are around them who afraid to left behind. They practice what has been said by a poet; When you were born in this world, you are crying and the people around you smile and laugh. So do the best, so that when you died, you smile and people around you are crying. And of course, they die with a million of meanings.

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