Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Seeds That Cannot Grow

Once upon a time in a far far away kingdom. A King was sad because he had no son for a successor, he thought it necessary to find and select a successor. For that he made a contest, a selection in each region until the final test that will be selected by the King himself.

In the last test, only remaining 8 people who have an equivalent intelligence and pass the selection of the previous tests. For that, they must undergo the King final test at the royal capital. The King carefully selecting them one by one. In front of them, the king said, "My child. A duty as a King will not be easy. It is a mandate that must be carried with full responsibility. The eight of you was selected as the best candidate. As a final test, I will give each person 5 seeds. Plant and take care of it such you will have to take care the kingdom and the people of this country. Go home and come back 2 weeks later with a result.", the King's edict.

Two weeks later, in the presence of the king 7 candidate proudly showed their growing plants. Now it's the 8th candidate turns. He face down, look sad and ashamed. He said, "Forgive me, my king. The seeds which you gave to me, I have take care of it carefully, but until today, these seeds cannot grow as expected. I have failed you my king, but I've tried as much as possible, but do not know what do I do wrong."

But the king appears smiled with satisfied, he even laughed out loud. Everyone who was there stared at each other surprised to see the king's reaction. Then the king patted the 8th candidate shoulder and said, "Thank you, young man. I'm happy and satisfied. My hope not in vain. There is still a young candidate future leaders among the people of this country."

Look around at all the people, the king continued. "Listen carefully. This young man has fulfilled my last hope. He was an honest young men, the future leaders of this kingdom. His seed was not grow, seems he have failed, but in fact, the seeds that I give to all of the participants had been boiled. So obviously not be able to grow despite being treated well. I'm very disappointed to see the seed that you take was growth. The 7 of you are not honest! How dare you deceive your king!"

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