Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 x 8 = 23

Yan Hui was Confucius's favorite disciple who likes to learn and have a good nature. One day when Yan Hui was on duty, he saw a fabric store was crowded by so many people. He approached and found that the buyer and the seller of cloth were arguing.

The buyer shouted, "3x8 = 23, why did you say 24?"

Yan Hui approached the buyer and said: "My friend, 3x8 = 24, do not argue anymore".

The buyer are not happy and pointed Yan Hui nose and said, "Who asked your opinion? Even if I ask for opinion I will ask it to Confucius. Right or wrong is the Confucius rights".

Yan Hui, "Well, how if Confucius says you're wrong?"

The buyers, "If Confucius say I was wrong, I'll cut my head for you. But what if you are wrong?"

Yan Hui, "If I was wrong, my position for you".

Both agreed to a bet, then went looking for Confucius. After sitting out the problem, Confucius said to Yan Hui while laughing: "3x8 = 23. Yan Hui, you lose. Give your position to him."

Yan Hui will not argue with his teacher. When he heard Confucius say he was wrong, he took his hat and gave it to the buyer. The man took his hat and passed Yan Hui with satisfaction. Although Yan Hui received his assessment of Confucius but he did not agree. He think Confucius's was old and senile and he does not want to learn from him anymore. Yan Hui asked to leave of absence with family business reason. Confusius know Yan Hui's intention and let him leave. Before leaving, Yan Hui asked for permission and Confucius asked him to quickly returned after the business was over, and gave him two advice. "When the rain is heavy, do not take shelter under a tree. And do not kill." Yan Hui said okay and went home.

On the way suddenly a strong wind blows accompanied by lightning, it's seemed it will be a heavy rain. Yan Hui wanted to take shelter under a tree, but remember Confucius advice and think to obey the teacher said once again. He left the tree. Not long after he left, lightning struck and destroyed the tree. Yan Hui surprised, his teacher first advice was proven.

Am I going to kill someone?

Hui Yan arrived at home it was late and did not want to disturb her wife sleep. He used his sword to open the room. Arriving in front of the bed, he found two person was sleeping in his bed. He was very angry and pull out his sword. When he going to thrust his sword, he remembered Confucius advice, do not kill. He lit a candle and turned out that his wife was sleeping with his wife's brother.

On the next day, Yan Hui returned to Confucius, knelt and said, "Teacher, how do you know what will happen?"

Confucius said, "Yesterday was extremely hot days, is expected to rain with lighting, so I tell you not to take shelter under a tree. You go with anger yesterday and carried a sword, then I warn you not to kill".

Yan Hui said, "Teacher, you predictions great, I'm very impressed."

Confucius said, "I know you asked to leave not because family matters. You do not want to learn more from me anymore. Try to think. Yesterday I said 3x8 = 23 is correct, you lose your position. But if I says 3x8 = 24 is correct, the buyer who would lose and that means 1 life will be lost. Do you think your job or to lose 1 life is more important?"

Yan Hui was aware of his mistake and said, "Teachers are more concerned the important matter, students actually think teachers are old and senile. I truly embarrassed."

Since then, wherever Confucius went Yan Hui is always followed.

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Justishaq said...

Great story. Sometimes, people forget the importance of making priority....

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