Monday, April 26, 2010

What's Wrong With My Dad?

Dr. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi ever told an impressive story in his life, as follows.

At that time I was still about 16 years old and I live with both of my parents at an institution founded by my grandfather Mahatma Gandhi.

We live in a sugar cane plantation about 18 miles away from city of Durban, South Africa. Our home is so far away in remote outlying villages so that almost no neighbors.

Therefore, me and both of my sister was always excited to have the opportunity to be able to go downtown, just to visit friends or sometimes watch movies.

One day by chance my father asked me to accompany him to town to attend a whole day conference. Stupendous joy for me at that moment.

Because mother knew we wanted to go to town, she give me a long list of groceries she needed, besides that father also gave me some tasks, including fixing the car in the car repair shop.

That morning after we arrived at the conference, father told me, "Arun, fetch me here, OK, at 5 PM". "Okay dad I will be here promptly at 5 PM", I replied with confidence.

After that I immediately drove to complete all the tasks from my mom and dad one by one. Until one task left, that is waiting for the car being repaired. While waiting for the car repaired does not hurt to fill my spare time by going to the movies.

I was so much fun watching the movie when I see the clock, the time shows 5:30 PM, while I promise to pick up father at 5 PM. Immediately I jumped up and hurried to the car repair shop to pick up the car, and immediately fetch father who had nearly an hour wait. When I arrived it's 6 PM.

With anxious father asked me, "Arun! Why are you late?". At that time I felt guilty and ashamed to admit that I had so much fun watching the movies, so I was forced to
lied by saying, "Sorry Dad. The car has not been completed being repaired so that Arun had to wait."

Apparently father have called the car repair shop, so he knew that if I lied. Then he looked down sadly, while looking at me he said; "Arun there seems to be something wrong with my way to educate and raise you, so you do not have the courage to speak honestly to me". "To punish my mistake, I will go home on foot, while contemplating where went wrong."

Then he started to walk home. Though it was already dark and increasingly uneven road. I could not bear to leave him alone like that, even though I had been offered a ride, he remained determined to keep walking, eventually I was driving slowly behind him, and did not feel my tears drip to see the suffering he experienced just because a stupid lies I have been doing. Really I am so sorry for my actions.

From that moment all my life, I'm always telling the truth to anyone.

Very often I recalled the incident and was so impressed, if that moment father punished me like in general parents punish their children who do wrong, perhaps I only barely aware my mistake. But with one act of self-evaluation that father did, even though it has had nonviolent but have an extraordinary powers to be able to change myself completely. I always remember it as if it were just happening yesterday.

Dr. Arun Gandhi's father was really a great father and teacher in educating his children. A story of gold to the all parents in educating and raising their children.

This story is so inspiring to me personally, to always self-evaluation when my beloved child are beginning to show behavior of the less admirable, I get used to always asks:

What's wrong with me why my child could behave like this .....????

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