Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Most Beautiful Gift

This various gift is not sold in stores. You can gave it all the time, and do not need to buy! Even so, this eight kinds of gifts are beautiful and priceless gift to those you care about.

    The presence of a loved one it is a priceless gift. Indeed, we may also be present before him by letter, telephone, photo, or fax. But by being beside. You and he or she can share feelings, concerns, and love more fully and intensively. Thus, the quality of presence is also important. Make your presence as a bearer of happiness.
    Few people are capable of giving this gift, because, most people prefer to being listen rather than listening. It has been long known that harmony of human relationships is determined by the willingness listened to each other. Give this gift for him or her. With attention to every word, indirectly we also have developed patience and humble. No need to interrupt, criticize, much less judgmental. Let him or her finish. This lets you give the appropriate response after that. Not necessarily in the form of discussion or assessment. Just say thanks will sound sweet to him or her.
    Like the words, in silence there is also a strength. Silence can be used to punish, expel, or confuse people. But more than anything. Silence is also able to show our love to someone because it gave her "space". Especially if everyday we have become accustomed fond of advising, arranging, criticized and even reprimanded.
    Loving someone does not mean giving us full rights to own or manage a person's life. Can we claim to love someone if we always confine him or her? Giving freedom is one of the manifestations of love. The meaning of freedom is not, "You're free to do all you want." Much deeper than that, given the freedom is to give full trust to be responsible for everything that he or she had decided or done.
    Who would not be happy, if your loved ones suddenly appear more handsome or beautiful? Shown beautiful is also a wonderful gift you know. Besides the beauty of personal appearance, you can also give away a beauty atmosphere at home. Beautiful vases and fresh flowers in the family room or dining room table beautifully arranged, for example.
    Unconsciously, we often give a negative assessment for the thoughts, attitudes or actions of our loved one. It was as if none of the absolute truth of them and only on us. This time, try the gift of positive responses. Express clearly and sincerely. Try to remember, how many times in your last week to thank you for everything he or she does for you. Also remember, do you ever praised he or her. Those two things, thanks and praise (and apologies), is a gift of love that is often forgotten.
    Not all problems deserve to be fighting for. Especially to be a great hassle. You should consider, should be love sacrificed just because of the problem? When you have consider about this, it means you are ready to give the gift of "willingness to succumb". Okay, you may be upset or angry because he or she arrived late for appointments. But if it happened only once, so why should trigger a protracted quarrel? Willingness to yield to wear off the pain in our heart and shows us to realize that is no man is perfect in this world.
  8. SMILE
    Believe it or not, the incredible power of a smile. Smile, especially given sincerely, could be defrost frozen relations, the encourager in despair. Lightening mood somber, even a troubled soul sedative. Smile is also a gesture to open up the world around us. When was the last time that you give away a sweet smile on a loved one?
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