Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Empty Wall

There were two male patients who suffer severe pain. They were treated in the same hospital. The first man allowed to sit in bed every evening for an hour. The aim is that the fluid from his lungs will be excreted. The bed is located near the only window in the room. The second was a man who must always lie in the supine condition. Because between the two beds there was a high walls, the men who sleep supine could not see into the window.

Both men are often in conversation. All kinds of topic. From about their wives, families, homes, jobs, military conscription until the places visited during the holidays. In the afternoon, as the man who occupies the bed near the window allowed to sit, he talked to his roommate. He tell all the things he saw outside the window.

The man who could only lay after a long time can enjoy his friend's story. For an hour a day, expanded worldview and revived by hearing about all the events and the colorful outside world. The window overlooking a garden. In the garden there is also a beautiful lake with ducks and geese that swim in it. Children play with their toy sail boat. A husband and wife walking arm in arm among the colorful flowers like a color of rainbow. Several large trees grow in the grass. Beautiful city scenery from a distance.

The man near the window tell it all with a very detailed. The men who listen, shut his eyes, picturing the all the scene told by his colleagues. In a fairly hot day, the man who occupies a bed near the window tells there is parade that passed there. The second man can not hear the band music. However, he could see them with his inner eye. He seemed to see the clowns dancing, colorful flags and decorated cars and horses.

The day passed. The men who could not see out the window silently arise envy because of the stories tells by his roommate, because he wanted to see everything with his own eyes. He began to hate his roommate and feel frustrated. He also wanted to occupy a bed near the window!

One morning a nurse came into their room. The men who sleep near the window was found died peacefully in his sleep. With sadness she called the hospital caretaker to move the body.

Having considered timely, a man who is still hospitalized asked if he could be moved to the bed near the window. The nurse do not object to move him and after making sure her patients in a safe position, she left him alone. Slowly, with pain, he tried to pull himself up, for the first time to see the world outside the window. He thought, finally, he could also enjoy the happiness when he saw outside the park and all activities there. He tried to look . But he became very surprised because it turned out that he saw only an empty wall. He immediately called the nurse and asked, "How can my roommate could see everything he told me? How can he tell me about all the beauty to every detail, even though what I only see a dull brick wall! "

The nurse replied, "Well, didn't you know? Your former roommate was blind. "Then the nurse added", maybe he just wanted to encourage you. "

Did you ever feels want to swap your position with someone else. Because you feel envy of the person. Have you ever felt so disappointed, let's say you think something is so beautiful, but in reality is not as you imagined? Have you ever given words of encouragement, but you never want to grateful?

If your life was obsessed by everything that belongs to someone else, then you do not feel the beauty of the things that will be provided by others to you.

So many people who want to have anything that belongs to someone else. Want a husband or wife like that belongs to someone else, want a job like the work of others, wanting to have received an award as others, want such popularity was achieved by others, the house owned by someone else, a position held by others.

Often they want things that they deem is in others. For example, happiness, sense of purpose, peace of mind, a sense of love and comfort. The truth is that in every situation there must be a problem, in every life there must be obstacles, in any relationship there must be trouble, at every opportunity there must be a tough challenge or problem. Basically, in every positive aspect that there is always a negative match. Therefore, no people who are not free from problems of life.

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