Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Forgotten Mirror

Once upon a time, a married couple, just say it their was the Smith, and they held a garage sale to sell all the things that they don't need anymore. Their was already middle-aged, and their children have left home to live independently. Now it's time to tidy up the house, and sell things that are not needed anymore.

While collecting things to be sold, they found something that have been stored in the attic for so long. One of them is a mirror in which they got for their wedding gift, 20 years ago.

Since the first time they got it, the mirror was never used. Aqua blue colored frame makes this mirror to look bad, and not suitable to be placed in any room in their house. But because they don't want to hurt the person who gave it, they kept it. Thus, the mirror being an antics in the attic. After 20 years passed, they think the people who gift it would have forgotten. So they put it together with other things to be sold the next day.

Their garage sale were getting a lot of enthusiasts. People come to see the sale. One by one, all the things have sold. Home furnishings, books, clothing, gardening tools, toys, even a not working old radio.

A man approached Mrs. Smith. "How much is this mirror?" he said, pointing at the mirror.

Mrs. Smith was stunned. "I myself don't expect that this mirror would be sold. Do you really want to buy it?" she said. "Yes, of course. The conditions are still very good." replied the man.

Mrs. Smith did not know how much the fair price for the bad mirror. Although it's in a very good condition, but for her it remains an ugly and worthless mirror.

After thinking for a moment, Mrs. Smith said, "Hmm ... you can buy it for a dollar."

With beaming face, the man pulled out his wallet, pulled out a dollar and handed it to Mrs. Smith. "Thanks," she said. "Now the mirror is yours. Do you need it wrapped?"

"Oh, if allowed, I would like to check it before I brought it home."

Mrs. Smith gives the permission, and he hurried to take the mirror and put it on the table in front of her. He began to peel the edge of the mirror frame. With one pull he torn the protection layer and emerges a golden color. The mirror frame was painted with a very beautiful gold color, and the aqua blue color that had been covered it is the color of the protective layer of the frame!

"Yes, exactly as I expected! Thank you!" he shouts happily.

Mrs. Smith could not say a word seeing the mirror was taken away by its new owner, to obtain a more appropriate place than her small and dusty attic.

This story illustrates how we view our lives. Sometimes we feel our life is boring, not as nice as we want. We see our life in the form of a series of routines that we must live. Wake up early, go to work, come home in the afternoon, sleep, wake up, go to work, come home in the afternoon, sleeping. That's all we live every day.

As with Mr and Mrs. Smith, who only saw the plastic coating of the mirror frame, so they feel the mirror is ugly and not fit. Yet behind that layer, there is a beautiful golden color.

Yet behind the routine of our lives, there are many things that can enrich our lives. Every time we passed, we can only experience once our lifetime. Every second we live, apply only one time in our lives. Every second is a new gift from God to us. Will we waste it with fixed on a routine? Will we let the time pass by our lives do not feel like we want?

After twenty years, and after being delayed, then Mrs. Smith realized the real value of the mirror. Would we realize the beauty of our lives when it's too late? Of course not.

Therefore, let us begin eroding our view that life is just routine. Let's start peeling the routine and find the real value of our lives.

Let's begin exploring our lives, discovering new things, learn more, to know people better. Let's do something new. Let us make a difference! With a new spirit to live better every day.

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