Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love and Time

Once upon a time in a small island, there is Love, Sad, Wealth, Happy and Beauty. They coexist well. But one day, there's a storm and the sea water suddenly rose and would sink the island. All the inhabitants of the island quickly tried to save themselves. Love is very confused because she can not swim and not have boats.

She stood on the beach trying to find help. Meanwhile, the water increased and soaked her feet. Then Love see Wealth is pedaling a boats. "Wealth! Wealth! Help me!", shouted Love.

"Sorry, Love!", said Wealth, "My boat filled with all my treasures. I can not take you as well, this boat will sink. Moreover, there is no place anymore for you in this boat.", then Wealth quickly pedaled his boat away.

Love was so sad, but then he saw Happy passing by with his boat. "Happy! Help me!", shouted Love. But Happy was too happy because he found a boat so he could not hear Love shouting.

The water getting higher and soaked Love to the waist and she increasingly frantic. Not long Beauty pass. "Beauty! Take me with you!", shouted Love.

"Love you're wet and dirty. I can't take you with me. You're going to pollute this beautiful boat.", Beauty said.

Love was so sad to hear that. She began sobbing. Sad that moment pass."Oh, Sad, take me with you," said Love. "Sorry, Love. I'm sad and I want to be alone ... ", Sad said, still pedaling the boat.

Love feel desperate. She felt the water getting up and going to drown her. At that critical moment suddenly she heard a voice, "Love! Quickly climbed into my boat!"

Love turned her head toward the sound and saw an old man with his boat. Love quickly climbed into the boat, just before the water drown her. On the nearest island, the old man let Love get off his boat, and immediately left.

At that moment, Love realized that she did not know who the old man who save her. Love ask an old people in the island, who is actually the old man. "The old man? He is Time.", said the man.

"But, why did he save me? I do not know him. Even my friends who know me also reluctant to help me "Love asked in surprise."

"Because," the man said, "Only Time who knows what the real value of Love is ..."

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