Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Frogs Cry Every Rain

Once upon a time in a large pond there lived a young frog and his mother. The frog is very naughty and never listen to his mothers. If his mother told him to go to the mountain, he would go to sea. If her mother told him to go to the east, he would go west. Anyway whatever he was told, he will do the opposite.

"What should I do to this kid" thought the mother frog. "Why does he not like any other kids, always obey their parents."

One day the mother said, "Son, do not go outside because it was raining outside. You'll be drifting by the tide."

Her mother had not finished talking, he already jumps out, laughing happily, "Hooray ... flood, I will play as much as I like!"

Every day mother frog advised her son but the child's behavior was even more worst. It made mother frog gloomy and sad and make her ill. Everyday the illness became worse.

One day she felt that she's getting weaker, mother frog called her son, "Son, I think my life will not be long. If I die, do not bury me on the mountain, bury me on the edge of the river."

Mother frog actually wanted to be buried on the mountain, but because her son always do the opposite, so she request the contrary.

Finally, the mother frog was dead. The frog were crying and regretted his behavior, "Poor mother. Why I never want to listen to her words. Now she has gone, I've killed her."

The frogs then recalled his mother last request. "I always do whatever my mother prohibited. Now to make amends, I will do her request as well as possible."

So the frog bury her mother in the riverbank.

Several weeks later the rain falling heavily, so the river water where the frog bury his mother to overflow. The frog was so concerned about his mother's grave will be swept away by the river water. Finally he decided to go to the river and watched.

In the midst of a torrential rain she wept and wept. "Kwong-Kwong-Kwong. O river do not take my mother away!"

And the frog will always go to the river and cry every rain. Since that is why until today we always hears frogs cry every rain.

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