Saturday, November 27, 2010

God is Exists

A customer came to the barber to cut his hair. The barber began cutting his hair and start a warm conversation. They talked about many things and various subject, and instant topic of the conversation turned to God.

The barber said, "I do not believe God exists."
"Why do you say that?" replied the customer.
"Well, you just look ahead, in the streets. To realize that God does not exist. Tell me, if God exists, will there be a sick people?, Neglected children? If God exists, there will be no pain or distress. I can not imagine God the Most Merciful will let it all happen."

The customer thought for a moment, but did not respond because he do not want to start an argument. The barber's finish the job and he left the place. After some time he left the room he saw a man on the street with long hair, wavy, dirty and long beard. The man looked dirty and unkempt.

The customer back into the barbershop and said, "You know, actually there is NO barber. The barber did not take it, "How can you said that?. I'm here and I am a barber. And just now I cut your hair!"
"No!" said the consumer.

"The barbers do not exist, because if there is a barber, there will be no people with dirty long hair and bearded like a man out there", the customer adds.

"Ah no, but still there is a barber!", protested the barber. "What you see is their own fault, why they do not come to me", replied the barber defensively.

"Exactly!" said the customer agreed. "That's the main point! It's the same with GOD, GOD IS ALSO THERE!, But what happened to the people DO NOT WANT TO COME to him, and DO NOT WANT TO FIND HER. Therefore a lot of pain and sorrow stricken in this world.", the barber stupefied!!

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