Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facebook Server

You guys must have known this social networking website, or maybe you guys have an account there. But do you know how many people and from what country Facebook have been access.

This picture bellow illustrate the country and user where Facebook have been access.

To maintain it's service it's needs a very powerful and energy efficient server, so why don't we take a walk to Facebook server.

This data center consists of approximately 15,000 server.

Energy efficient, this line servers set up to minimize the energy needed to keep the data center running.

Facebook server stack in two rack.

This data center is equipped with a sophisticated cooling equipment and backup power

The cables that connect with one another and the entire facility with the outside world.

Built using a "layered replication" model that makes it almost impossible to fail, even if the server in San Francisco Overload.

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