Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please, Pimp My Cube

This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.
Have you ever watch Pimp My Ride? It's an MTV show in which a youngster’s fit for scrap motor is transformed into a custom built dream machine and it's one of MTV's most popular shows with nearly all of its worldwide viewers, and also in the US.

You know what, there is a contest like it, but not to transform your vehicle but your workspace. And the offering prize will make you shocked and surprised.

Just upload a video showing your worst, most pathetic and messy cubicle or office that may have bad furniture, old technology, messy, unorganized, noisy, dirty, dark and/or any other attributes that make it a bad space to work in and the details about why it is horrible and why it is so important that Contest Factory come in and ‘Pimp’ your cube.

The contest has a total grand prize value of approximately $1200. The prize is to update your office/workspace/cube with 1 of 3 prize packages:
  • New high end computer system 
  • New Desk, Chair and Decorations 
  • New Entertainment Package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc.
And a second sweepstakes prize of a $200 gift card will be awarded to the registered user chosen by random drawing at the end of the contest period, not only that you get sweepstakes entry points for registering, voting, commenting and inviting others to register for the contest.

Just visit Pimp My Cube Contest register and upload your fun and witty video!! It's easy to upload video to the site to enter from your phone or webcam. Once it's approved, have your friends, family, and maybe your coworker to vote your video to enhance your chances of winning.

The grand prize of your cube being ‘pimped’ will be selected by CF judges based on various criteria including for the most votes, best (really worst) video and most compelling story. The contest period is from 12/5/11 at 12:00PM to 1/31/12 at 12:00PM.

The better the story + the funnier the video = better chances of winning. 
Hurry up and register right now because it's fun and free, take your phone or webcam video your worst and most pathetic workspace and upload it. And maybe if you're lucky enough your cube will transformed into a cozy dream workspace.

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1 comment:

Mike Ham said...

I went to and registered, it was so easy to register and for free! I cant wait to see what the other contestants are going to post.

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