Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Shouting?

A teacher ask his students, "Why when someone is in anger, he will speak in a loud voice or shout?"

A student after thinking long enough raise his hand and answered, "Because he has lost his patience."

"But ..." the teacher ask back, "someone he talk to is thus beside him. Why shouting? Can't he speak more gently?"

Almost all students gave a number of reasons they think correctly. But none satisfactory answers. Then the teacher said, "When two people in anger, the distance between their heart become very far although they are physically so close. Therefore they are shouting."

"But strangely, the louder they shout, the more they become angry and their heart distance itself become even further. Because of that they had to shout more loud."

The teacher continues, "On the contrary, what happen when two people love each other? They speak soft and gently. Even with a small voice, they can hear it so clearly. Why is that?", the teacher ask.

They seem to think it through but none dare to give an answer. "Because their heart so close. In the end even without a single word. Just stare at each other is enough to make them understand what they want to convey."

The teacher continues, "When you're in anger, don't create a distance between your heart. Moreover, you should not say words that cause distance between you. Perhaps in that time, do not say a word may be a wise way. Because time will help you."

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