Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Carpenter and The Lost Watch

There's a carpenter. While working, his watch fall unintentionally in a huge pile of sawdust. The watch is a gift and have worn long enough. He loved the watch. Therefore he tried whatever possible to found it.

While blaming his negligence the carpenter search his watch in that huge pile of sawdust. His coworkers also helped. But in vain. The watch still not found. It was time for lunch. They leave the workshop with a disappointed face carve on their face.

A child who had been watching them for a while, approach the sawdust pile. He squat and search. Not long he found the carpenter watch. The carpenter very excited, also surprised, because before a lot of people had search and got nothing. But a child all alone, manage to find it.

"How do you find this watch?", said the carpenter.

"I just sat quietly on the floor. In the silence I can hear the sound of tik-tok, tik-tok. With that I know where the watch was." the boy replied.

Silence is the most difficult homework to complete during life. Often we unconsciously fall into a thousand and one "busyness and noise". It'll be good if we calm ourselves before begin to face any problems.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jin Ji Du Li

This exercise originated from China, it's called Jin Ji Du Li (金鸡 独立), read "cin ci tu li". It means a golden chicken stands on one leg.

How to perform this exercise is quite simple, does not require any tools and only for about 1 minute. Just stand still on one leg, eyes closed and do not lean. Lift your leg only a few inches.

Looks easy doesn't it? Many people who have never done this said it was very easy. Please try and see for yourself! But remember, this must be done with your eyes close, because that is the point of the Jin Ji Du Li.

If you can't stand for 10 seconds, it means that your body has degenerated just like a 60 - 70 years old. Maybe you're 40s, but your body age faster.

Someone who doing this for the first time usually can only last for 2 - 3 seconds, and then their body start wobbling off balance. This is caused by lifting one leg, so that the organs in the body to be out of tune and the balance disturbed.

Doing these exercise regularly can help us improve our balance, over time we could last up to 1 minute, or even more. If it feels very difficult in the beginning, you can start with the eyes slightly open.

According to health specialists from China, disease caused by the coordination between internal organs are disrupt, the body loses its balance. Jin Ji Du Li can restore this condition.

Doing Jin Ji Du Li 1 minute each day can prevent dementia. It's also useful to prevent and treat hypertension, diabetes, pain in the neck and spine, cold feet, and also can strengthen the body's immune system.

This exercise suitable for youth, so our chances of having dementia or other disease becomes smaller. It's not suitable undertaken by those aged 70s and older or those whose feet are not strong anymore.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birth Month Relation With His Nature

    Outstanding feature of Adam who was born at the beginning of the year is they're easily to fall in love, and so easily to forget it if betrayed. Actually, they're a romantic guy, but always hard to express their feelings. Understandably, because they're generally shy and easily jealous.

    Abstract way of thinking, intelligent and temperamental. Their mood like fickle, sometimes low self-esteem, shy and humble. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Stubborn and courageous. Don't like things that aren't considered essential. Had a strong determination, ambitious in pursuing their dream.

    March men have an aura that attract the sympathy of the opposite sex. Other prominent nature is shy, jealousy and relies heavily on their couple. Demanding and selfish. It would be difficult to open their heart again once it hurts. Their love principles is better to hide their feelings, than accept rejection. Not a romantic kind of guy. But they're very devoted.

  • MAY
    They appreciate honesty more than anything. Easily fall in love, especially if they considered you understand their fantasy. A fun person but sometimes likes to dictate.

  • JUNE
    Picky and brand conscious. Have a very high taste, especially for branded goods. Explosive emotions and cranky easily. Labile mood. Easily influence by kindness, have a lot of ideas and hesitate.

  • JULY
    They're very happy to be on your side. Spoke frankly and candidly speak out. Their feeling easily hurt and need a long time recovering. Jealous easily lured and cranky. A good listener.

    Likes to lead and stand out amongst their friends. Loving and compassionate,romantic, smart treating women, flirty. Soft feeling a.k.a sensitive.

    Persuasive and compromising. Calm and quiet but articulate. Rarely shows their emotions, tends to hide their feelings. A thinker and have strong memory. So strong, even small errors can be remembered long enough. Very picky, not haphazardly choose couple and criticize. Like sports, adventure and relax.

    Excellent communicator and likes to chat. Subtle and sympathetic. Do not like beating around the bush. Not good at lying. Has bad temper, selfish. Greatly influence by personal opinion and tend to don't care with other people opinions. Quick decision making and one of its advantages is a gifted astrologer because their instincts are very strong.

    Have thought ahead, unique and intelligent. Has extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking and always wanted to know new things. Detachment and vengeful. Rarely angry, except when forced to. Has a very deep love and patience. Strong bodied and always enthusiastic.

    Loyal and generous. Less patient and in a hurry. Easily to fall in love and rush in a relationship. Possess a high dependence on partner. Irritability but also playful. A great sense of humor. Pleasant personal, like socializing and dislikes constrained situation.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Everyday a young man just sitting on a bridge, watching the fishermen, "If I had that much fish, my life would not be like this. My life will change for the better because I could sell the fish to buy clothes and food". One day, a fisherman ask this young man for help to watch his fishing pole, "Young man, would you help me to keep watch my fishing pole? I will give you some fish in return". Gladly, this young man accepted the offer. Not long after the fish started to bite the bait. Unnoticed for nearly two hours, he has got more than 10 fish.

After the fisherman return, the young man handed the fishing pole and a bucket full of fish. "Young man, take all the fish. You earned it because of your hard work. You're still very young, still have much stamina and you look healthy. I want to give a bit of advice to you, do not spent your time fantasized and hoping to get something without doing anything. Do a thing for yourself, cast your fishing lines and achieve your dreams". The young man could only pause and realize the mistake he did.

Youth is the best chance to sow. What a pity if in old age, we started working hard. While young, find our own potential. Life is like a cigarette, once lit, it will burned out. So, do not waste it as long as there is still a chance in life.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream Thief

There is a young girl who love to dance. Her dancing skill really stands out compared with her other friends, so she often won in various competitions. She thought, with what she have today, one day when she grow up she want to be a world-class dancer. She imagines herself dancing in Russia, China, America, Japan, and watched by thousands of people who applauded her.

One day, her city visited by a dance expert originating from abroad. These experts are very skillful, and plenty world-class dancers born by his cold hands. This young girl wants to dance and show her skills in front of the experts, even if it possible get a chance to be his student. The opportunity finally came. The young girl manage to meet the experts behind the stage, after a dance show. The young girl asked "Sir, I wanted to be a world-class dancer. Do you have a moment, to judge my dancing? I would like to know your opinion about my dance". "Okay, i will give you 10 minutes," replied the expert.

Before 10 minutes passed, the expert up from his seat and hurried to leave the young girl alone, without saying a word. The young girl heart destroyed saw the attitude of the expert. The girl ran out. Returning home, she immediately burst into tears. She hate herself. The dance she proudly flaunted is nothing in the presence of the expert. Then she take her dance shoes, and throw it into the warehouse. Since then, she vow never to dance again.

Decades passed. The young girl have become a mother with three children. Her husband had died. And to support her family, she works as a waiter in a store.

One day, there was a dance show held in the city. The expert seem to be among the young dancer backstage. The expert looks old, with white hair. The young mother come to the dance performances. After the event, she and her three children to the back of the stage, looking for the expert, and introduce her three children to the expert. The expert recognize her, and they talked.

She asked, "Sir, there is one lingering question in my heart. It's about my performance many years ago. Is it so terrible, so you left me just like that, without saying a word? ".

"Oh yes, I remember the event. Frankly, I have never seen a beautiful dance like you did then. I think you will be a world-class dancer. I do not understand why you suddenly stop to dance, "replied the expert.

The young mother was very surprised to hear the answers. "It's not fair," she cried. "Your attitude have stolen all my dreams. If it's a beautiful dance, why you left me just when I just danced a few minutes. You ought to praise me, and not just ignored me. I should have become a world-class dancer. Not just being a store keeper".

The experts answered more quietly "No. .. No, I think I've done it correctly. You do not have to drink a barrel of wine to prove that it's good. So, I do not have to watch 10 minutes to prove your dance skill. That night I was very tired after the show. So I leave you for a moment, to take my name card, and hope you will contact me again the next day. But you've gone when I came back. And one thing you should bear in mind, that you only have to focus on your dream, not on my acknowledgment or action.

"Then praise? You expect praise? Ah, that time you were growing up. Praise is like a double-edged sword. Sometimes motivate, or also weaken you. And in fact I see that most praise given when someone was growing, only makes them satisfied and stop growing. I prefer to ignore you, to motivate so you can grow faster. Moreover, it is appropriate that compliment came from my own desire. Inappropriate to ask praise from others ".

"You see, this is really just a trivial matter. If you were at that time not to ignore what is going on and keep dancing, maybe today you have become a world-class dancer. You may be broken that time, but you'll be fine if you trained more. But if you feel remorse today, it will never heal forever".

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Story of a Mason

Once upon a time a mason saw an official driving a luxury car. Then, he wished, "If I could be an official, it would be wonderful !" His hope heard. He became a respected and honored official, go everywhere using luxury car.

One day, when he got off from his car, the sun was shining so scorching that make him overheated. He thought, "The sun is more powerful than me. Make me overheated. Than I wish I could be the sun.". His hope heard again. He became the sun. Well, he's very happy to be shining on the earth with his heat. No one can resist his heat.

While he was busy shining on the earth, a cloud block the sunlight. He grumbled, "Damn you cloud, you're more powerful than me because you can block my sunlight. I want to be a cloud !". Then he become the cloud. But not long after, he was blown away by the wind.

"Wow, I lose by the wind. This wind is so strong ! Better become the wind so I can blow all the things in this world !", he became a whirlwind. But when in action, there is one thing that can not be blown. It was a big rock.

"That stone is stronger than me. Did not move at all when I blow. I just want to be a big rock!". Finally he became rock. But not long after, someone hit him. It's a masons and he was destroyed in dissatisfaction.

The Moral : Be thankful in all things. Nothing is perfect in this world. The Almighty has given the best of us. Blessings, blessings, and His provision for us who believe and want to fight hard.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Hand Conditions That Indicates Disease

Sweaty Palms
Usually occurs when you're anxious or nervous. However, when it often occurs without apparent cause, you may experience thyroid gland disorders or heart disease.

Reddened Palms
This condition can be a signal of liver disorders. In addition to these disorders, red palms are also an indication of rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disorders.

Shaking Hands
If too often experience trembling uncontrollably, it could be an early warning of Parkinson's, which affects the nervous system, including the movement of body muscle.

Discolored Nails
Healthy nails tend to have a pink color. However, if your nails are yellow-green, fungal infections may occur. In certain cases, the nail discoloration be early signs of lung disease.

Dry Hand Skin
The loss of skin moisture give an early indication of thyroid disorder. Dry hand skin can also reflect the availability of skin allergy or sensitivity disturbances caused by the application of certain cosmetic products.

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