Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Hand Conditions That Indicates Disease

Sweaty Palms
Usually occurs when you're anxious or nervous. However, when it often occurs without apparent cause, you may experience thyroid gland disorders or heart disease.

Reddened Palms
This condition can be a signal of liver disorders. In addition to these disorders, red palms are also an indication of rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disorders.

Shaking Hands
If too often experience trembling uncontrollably, it could be an early warning of Parkinson's, which affects the nervous system, including the movement of body muscle.

Discolored Nails
Healthy nails tend to have a pink color. However, if your nails are yellow-green, fungal infections may occur. In certain cases, the nail discoloration be early signs of lung disease.

Dry Hand Skin
The loss of skin moisture give an early indication of thyroid disorder. Dry hand skin can also reflect the availability of skin allergy or sensitivity disturbances caused by the application of certain cosmetic products.

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