Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Story of a Mason

Once upon a time a mason saw an official driving a luxury car. Then, he wished, "If I could be an official, it would be wonderful !" His hope heard. He became a respected and honored official, go everywhere using luxury car.

One day, when he got off from his car, the sun was shining so scorching that make him overheated. He thought, "The sun is more powerful than me. Make me overheated. Than I wish I could be the sun.". His hope heard again. He became the sun. Well, he's very happy to be shining on the earth with his heat. No one can resist his heat.

While he was busy shining on the earth, a cloud block the sunlight. He grumbled, "Damn you cloud, you're more powerful than me because you can block my sunlight. I want to be a cloud !". Then he become the cloud. But not long after, he was blown away by the wind.

"Wow, I lose by the wind. This wind is so strong ! Better become the wind so I can blow all the things in this world !", he became a whirlwind. But when in action, there is one thing that can not be blown. It was a big rock.

"That stone is stronger than me. Did not move at all when I blow. I just want to be a big rock!". Finally he became rock. But not long after, someone hit him. It's a masons and he was destroyed in dissatisfaction.

The Moral : Be thankful in all things. Nothing is perfect in this world. The Almighty has given the best of us. Blessings, blessings, and His provision for us who believe and want to fight hard.

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