Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream Thief

There is a young girl who love to dance. Her dancing skill really stands out compared with her other friends, so she often won in various competitions. She thought, with what she have today, one day when she grow up she want to be a world-class dancer. She imagines herself dancing in Russia, China, America, Japan, and watched by thousands of people who applauded her.

One day, her city visited by a dance expert originating from abroad. These experts are very skillful, and plenty world-class dancers born by his cold hands. This young girl wants to dance and show her skills in front of the experts, even if it possible get a chance to be his student. The opportunity finally came. The young girl manage to meet the experts behind the stage, after a dance show. The young girl asked "Sir, I wanted to be a world-class dancer. Do you have a moment, to judge my dancing? I would like to know your opinion about my dance". "Okay, i will give you 10 minutes," replied the expert.

Before 10 minutes passed, the expert up from his seat and hurried to leave the young girl alone, without saying a word. The young girl heart destroyed saw the attitude of the expert. The girl ran out. Returning home, she immediately burst into tears. She hate herself. The dance she proudly flaunted is nothing in the presence of the expert. Then she take her dance shoes, and throw it into the warehouse. Since then, she vow never to dance again.

Decades passed. The young girl have become a mother with three children. Her husband had died. And to support her family, she works as a waiter in a store.

One day, there was a dance show held in the city. The expert seem to be among the young dancer backstage. The expert looks old, with white hair. The young mother come to the dance performances. After the event, she and her three children to the back of the stage, looking for the expert, and introduce her three children to the expert. The expert recognize her, and they talked.

She asked, "Sir, there is one lingering question in my heart. It's about my performance many years ago. Is it so terrible, so you left me just like that, without saying a word? ".

"Oh yes, I remember the event. Frankly, I have never seen a beautiful dance like you did then. I think you will be a world-class dancer. I do not understand why you suddenly stop to dance, "replied the expert.

The young mother was very surprised to hear the answers. "It's not fair," she cried. "Your attitude have stolen all my dreams. If it's a beautiful dance, why you left me just when I just danced a few minutes. You ought to praise me, and not just ignored me. I should have become a world-class dancer. Not just being a store keeper".

The experts answered more quietly "No. .. No, I think I've done it correctly. You do not have to drink a barrel of wine to prove that it's good. So, I do not have to watch 10 minutes to prove your dance skill. That night I was very tired after the show. So I leave you for a moment, to take my name card, and hope you will contact me again the next day. But you've gone when I came back. And one thing you should bear in mind, that you only have to focus on your dream, not on my acknowledgment or action.

"Then praise? You expect praise? Ah, that time you were growing up. Praise is like a double-edged sword. Sometimes motivate, or also weaken you. And in fact I see that most praise given when someone was growing, only makes them satisfied and stop growing. I prefer to ignore you, to motivate so you can grow faster. Moreover, it is appropriate that compliment came from my own desire. Inappropriate to ask praise from others ".

"You see, this is really just a trivial matter. If you were at that time not to ignore what is going on and keep dancing, maybe today you have become a world-class dancer. You may be broken that time, but you'll be fine if you trained more. But if you feel remorse today, it will never heal forever".

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