Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Carpenter and The Lost Watch

There's a carpenter. While working, his watch fall unintentionally in a huge pile of sawdust. The watch is a gift and have worn long enough. He loved the watch. Therefore he tried whatever possible to found it.

While blaming his negligence the carpenter search his watch in that huge pile of sawdust. His coworkers also helped. But in vain. The watch still not found. It was time for lunch. They leave the workshop with a disappointed face carve on their face.

A child who had been watching them for a while, approach the sawdust pile. He squat and search. Not long he found the carpenter watch. The carpenter very excited, also surprised, because before a lot of people had search and got nothing. But a child all alone, manage to find it.

"How do you find this watch?", said the carpenter.

"I just sat quietly on the floor. In the silence I can hear the sound of tik-tok, tik-tok. With that I know where the watch was." the boy replied.

Silence is the most difficult homework to complete during life. Often we unconsciously fall into a thousand and one "busyness and noise". It'll be good if we calm ourselves before begin to face any problems.

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