Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birth Month Relation With His Nature

    Outstanding feature of Adam who was born at the beginning of the year is they're easily to fall in love, and so easily to forget it if betrayed. Actually, they're a romantic guy, but always hard to express their feelings. Understandably, because they're generally shy and easily jealous.

    Abstract way of thinking, intelligent and temperamental. Their mood like fickle, sometimes low self-esteem, shy and humble. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Stubborn and courageous. Don't like things that aren't considered essential. Had a strong determination, ambitious in pursuing their dream.

    March men have an aura that attract the sympathy of the opposite sex. Other prominent nature is shy, jealousy and relies heavily on their couple. Demanding and selfish. It would be difficult to open their heart again once it hurts. Their love principles is better to hide their feelings, than accept rejection. Not a romantic kind of guy. But they're very devoted.

  • MAY
    They appreciate honesty more than anything. Easily fall in love, especially if they considered you understand their fantasy. A fun person but sometimes likes to dictate.

  • JUNE
    Picky and brand conscious. Have a very high taste, especially for branded goods. Explosive emotions and cranky easily. Labile mood. Easily influence by kindness, have a lot of ideas and hesitate.

  • JULY
    They're very happy to be on your side. Spoke frankly and candidly speak out. Their feeling easily hurt and need a long time recovering. Jealous easily lured and cranky. A good listener.

    Likes to lead and stand out amongst their friends. Loving and compassionate,romantic, smart treating women, flirty. Soft feeling a.k.a sensitive.

    Persuasive and compromising. Calm and quiet but articulate. Rarely shows their emotions, tends to hide their feelings. A thinker and have strong memory. So strong, even small errors can be remembered long enough. Very picky, not haphazardly choose couple and criticize. Like sports, adventure and relax.

    Excellent communicator and likes to chat. Subtle and sympathetic. Do not like beating around the bush. Not good at lying. Has bad temper, selfish. Greatly influence by personal opinion and tend to don't care with other people opinions. Quick decision making and one of its advantages is a gifted astrologer because their instincts are very strong.

    Have thought ahead, unique and intelligent. Has extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking and always wanted to know new things. Detachment and vengeful. Rarely angry, except when forced to. Has a very deep love and patience. Strong bodied and always enthusiastic.

    Loyal and generous. Less patient and in a hurry. Easily to fall in love and rush in a relationship. Possess a high dependence on partner. Irritability but also playful. A great sense of humor. Pleasant personal, like socializing and dislikes constrained situation.
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