Sunday, November 10, 2013


Everyday a young man just sitting on a bridge, watching the fishermen, "If I had that much fish, my life would not be like this. My life will change for the better because I could sell the fish to buy clothes and food". One day, a fisherman ask this young man for help to watch his fishing pole, "Young man, would you help me to keep watch my fishing pole? I will give you some fish in return". Gladly, this young man accepted the offer. Not long after the fish started to bite the bait. Unnoticed for nearly two hours, he has got more than 10 fish.

After the fisherman return, the young man handed the fishing pole and a bucket full of fish. "Young man, take all the fish. You earned it because of your hard work. You're still very young, still have much stamina and you look healthy. I want to give a bit of advice to you, do not spent your time fantasized and hoping to get something without doing anything. Do a thing for yourself, cast your fishing lines and achieve your dreams". The young man could only pause and realize the mistake he did.

Youth is the best chance to sow. What a pity if in old age, we started working hard. While young, find our own potential. Life is like a cigarette, once lit, it will burned out. So, do not waste it as long as there is still a chance in life.

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