Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jin Ji Du Li

This exercise originated from China, it's called Jin Ji Du Li (金鸡 独立), read "cin ci tu li". It means a golden chicken stands on one leg.

How to perform this exercise is quite simple, does not require any tools and only for about 1 minute. Just stand still on one leg, eyes closed and do not lean. Lift your leg only a few inches.

Looks easy doesn't it? Many people who have never done this said it was very easy. Please try and see for yourself! But remember, this must be done with your eyes close, because that is the point of the Jin Ji Du Li.

If you can't stand for 10 seconds, it means that your body has degenerated just like a 60 - 70 years old. Maybe you're 40s, but your body age faster.

Someone who doing this for the first time usually can only last for 2 - 3 seconds, and then their body start wobbling off balance. This is caused by lifting one leg, so that the organs in the body to be out of tune and the balance disturbed.

Doing these exercise regularly can help us improve our balance, over time we could last up to 1 minute, or even more. If it feels very difficult in the beginning, you can start with the eyes slightly open.

According to health specialists from China, disease caused by the coordination between internal organs are disrupt, the body loses its balance. Jin Ji Du Li can restore this condition.

Doing Jin Ji Du Li 1 minute each day can prevent dementia. It's also useful to prevent and treat hypertension, diabetes, pain in the neck and spine, cold feet, and also can strengthen the body's immune system.

This exercise suitable for youth, so our chances of having dementia or other disease becomes smaller. It's not suitable undertaken by those aged 70s and older or those whose feet are not strong anymore.

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