Saturday, February 22, 2014

Your Future Starts Now

David studied business at Arlington University, USA. His life depend on his parents submissions, but for the last 2 months the submissions stop. Hungry, he only have $1.00 left, David tried to phone his mother using a public telephone. He want to know why the submissions stop, the truth he get is that his father was sick and needed a lot of medical expenses. He comforted her mother in tears that he would quit his college and work to earn money.

When he place the receiver, coins poured out of the box. He was happy because he thinks the money could be use to buy food, but deep inside he think it's not his. He contact the phone company, but the employee also don't know what to do, after discuss it with his supervisor, David is allowed to have that money. When he place the receiver, the money continues to trickle out coins totaling $9.50. David was happy with that money he could last several days.

He was looking for a job at the supermarket and tells about what he had experienced in the phone booth. The boss permit David to work whenever he wanted because he felt he was honest and can be trusted to manage the warehouse and pay double. David can finish his studies and make his own company with a profit $100,000 the first year. He can never forget about the $9.50 coin in phone box. He wrote a letter to the phone company and donate $10,000. The phone company reply that number was worth it for a person who has understood the supreme principle of life, that is honesty.

Someone ever wrote , "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." Do the best with integrity today, if our future is determine by our actions today.

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